Brand Identity & Web Design


About the project

The owners of a hotel in the alps decided to change the concept and feeling of their hotel. A new, cool and crazy concept was created, the first Crazy-Farming Hotel the alps - BergBaur. In order to express the feeling of the hotel, I was hired to create an innovative and memorable design language. Additionally, I made a new Website, and more than 20 Print Projects.

Client:  BergBaurProjekt der Hotelmarketing Gruppe

Business area:  Hotel

Date:  2021

Creative services:  Brand Identity, Web Design & Development, Graphic Design

Software:  Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, Editor X

Photographer:  Wolfgang Scherzer  - Verwolf-Production

Streetart-Artist:  Markus Wesenauer - Maxart Design

An innovative and memorable Brand Identity for the hotel BergBaur was created. 

Behind the scenes

Sticker Collection

Web Design & Development

Responsive Website | 10+ pages

Print Projects

20+ projects

The following pictures shot by Wolfgang Scherzer - Verwolf Production | no use of mockups

BergBaur Map

Designed to explore all adventure areas