Graphic Design

BergBaur Ice

About the project

In order to increase the awareness level of the hotel „BergBaur“, an Ice Cream was created, which looks absolutely exciting and tastes really yummy (Kiwi Taste) that hotel guests will post a picture of the BergBaur Ice on Social Media. The combination of the two words Crazy, Lovely is the shortversion of the BergBaur Slogan - Crazy Farmer. Lovely People. I was hired, to create the look of the Ice Cream, the optimaziation of the Design for the Ice Cream and the production was made by Mouth Propaganda.

Client: BergBaur / Project of Hotelmarketing Gruppe

Business area: Hotel

Date: 2021

Creative service: Graphic Design

Software: Illustrator, Photoshop

Production & Design optimization: Mouth Propaganda

Photographer:  Wolfgang Scherzer  - Verwolf-Production

Streetart-Artist:  Markus Wesenauer - Maxart Design

Ice taste: "Crazy" Kiwi


A custom, exciting Ice Cream for the hotel BergBaur was created.